Sculpey Flexible Clay Push Mold - Family Time

Sculpey Flexible Clay Push Mold - Family Time
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POLYFORM-Sculpey Flexible Push Mold. Quick and easily make detailed jewelry, gifts and items for home decor! Simply Mold, Flex, and Release. Works with polymer clay, air dray and non-dry modeling clays, plaster of paris, craft soap and candle wax! Available in a variety of styles: each sold separately.


Super Sculpey Living Doll Clay - Baby - 1 lb
POLYFORM-Super Sculpey Living Doll Oven-Bake Clay. This professional quality oven-bake clay allows for sculpted seams that will blend easily, is strong and durable after baking with a transparent finish and can be carved, sanded, drilled and painted after baking. This package contains 1lb/454g. Available in a variety of skin tone colors: each sold separately. Clay conforms to ASTM D4236.
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Premo Sculpey Clay 1 lb. - Ultramarine Blue
POLYFORM-Premo Sculpy: Oven-Bake Clay. This package contains one 1 lb. block of oven-bake clay. Available in a variety of colors (each sold separately). Conforms to ASTM D4236. Made in USA.
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