Kor Tools 10mm Texture Wheel - Spirals

Kor Tools 10mm Texture Wheel - Spirals
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Product Description

Kor Tools 10mm Texture Wheel - Spirals
The KRs and KRm rollers are excellent for curving and straight linear decoration, as well as borders, dividing lines, and so on. Similar to other Kor products, they leave a very clear and distinct decoration in PMC and polymer clays (as well as natural clays). The patterns in the rollers release very easily from the clay with no pulled edges.

These rollers are quite small, with a design face measuring 10mm (KRm) across. The full roller with the axles is 2.0cm across and has a diameter of 17 to 18mm. The KRm rollers, like the Kor Stamps, Kor Texture Rollers, and Kor Polyclay Rollers, is made from a unique proprietary kind of black acrylic.

All the KRm and KRs rollers fit on the RH-2 handle.


Kor Tools Texture Wheel Handle
All the KRm and KRs rollers fit on the RH-2 handle. The RH-2 handle greatly facilitates using these very small rollers. The RH-2 handle splits in half so a roller of one design can be removed, and a different roller can be attached. So you only need to purchase one handle no matter how many KRm and KRs rollers you have.
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Kor Tools 5cm Acrylic Roller - Tri-Spiral Skies
Kor Tools rollers are made of hard opaque acrylic that is machined with intricate designs to produce beautiful impressions. KTR-Rollers measure 5cm in length and have a 10mm diameter.
Regular price: $9.95
Our price: $7.95