Fimo Effect Polymer Clay 2oz - Stardust

Fimo Effect Polymer Clay 2oz - Stardust
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Product Description

STAEDTLER-Fimo Soft Polymer Clay. This clay is easier to use than ever before, making it perfect for children as well as crafters of all skill levels. Ideal for all projects from simple magnets to intricately designed jewelry. The firm smooth texture makes it easier to knead and ideal for mixing colors, yet objects made with Fimo Soft are very durable and strong after baking. Excellent for use with rubber stamps. This package contains one 2oz/57g block. Available in a variety of colors including metallic's. Conforms to ASTMD 4236. Recommended for children ages 8 and up.


Fimo 4 Pc Polymer Clay Modelling Tool Set
4 different plastic modelling tools

The ideal extension to the FIMO range Accessory particularly suitable for use with FIMO

The perfect accessory for working with an adding impressive finishes to our range of modelling clays
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Fimo Soft Multipack 12 Pc Half Blocks
Oven-hardening soft modelling clay

Smooth and soft

Easy to blend

Ready to use

Vibrant colours

Decorative ideas - easy to make for everyone
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